Homemade Pizza Dough and Sauce {Cooking with Kids}


My boys love pizza, and they love helping me cook! So, making pizzas together is always a family favorite.

For a quick weeknight supper, I mix up the dough before school, and I let it rise in the refrigerator during the day. When the boys get home, we roll out the dough and top it with homemade pizza sauce and our favorite pizza toppings.

Quick and easy, and much better than store bought or take out!

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Quick Fried Rice

Fried rice is a comfort meal for me. My mom used to make this, Arroz Chino, often, so I thought it was a Puerto Rican dish. The great thing about Fried Rice is that you can use whatever veggies you have in your kitchen. Even frozen ones! (I buy the huge bags of organic veggies at Costco.) And throw in any protein you have: leftover roast chicken, shrimp, scallops (that’s what I used for the picture), or just double up on the eggs.

Also, when I make rice, I make a big batch and freeze leftovers. That makes meals like this a breeze on weeknights. What are your favorite combos for Fried Rice?

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{One Bowl} Banana Cupcakes


My boys love sweet treats, so I’ve been looking for a real food dessert we could make together. I enlisted the help of my friend, Shirley, and she helped me create a banana cupcake recipe that’s “real” delicious ;)

Best of all, these cupcakes also make great banana muffins if you forgo the frosting. You could even add some chocolate chips or dress them up with some chopped nuts and a dash of cinnamon. Yum!

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Chocolate Smoothie {with Avocado!}

This is my youngest daughter’s current favorite smoothie. She can’t get enough of it, so I need to keep a constant stash of ripe avocados. The avocado contains healthy fats that are filling and makes this smoothie creamy (like a banana would), but you can’t taste it. We have made this with raw cocoa powder, natural and dutch cocoa (our favorite). This is great as part of breakfast, or an after-school snack!

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Weeknight Chicken Wings with 3 Sauces {Buffalo, Sweet Tamari & Thai Chili}

Okay, so no more ordering wings for takeout, right? These are that easy. Probably the most intimidating part about making your own wings is separating them into flats, drumettes and tips (don’t discard the tips, throw them in your freezer and use to make chicken stock next time). At the bottom of the post, I linked a video from About.com showing you how to cut up your wings. Once you do a few, you get the hang of it and you can prep the rest pretty quickly.

My favorite part about making these wings is that everyone can choose their favorite sauce and have a different experience. My oldest loves her wings with BBQ sauce, my youngest likes hers plain, my husband loves the Buffalo sauce and Thai Chili below, and my favorites are the Thai Chili and Siracha Mayo.

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Chicken and Chive Potato Dumplings

My husband loves Chicken Pot Pie and Chicken and Dumplings, but I can never seem to make them quit like his mamma does; not to mention, I rarely have time to roll out dumplings or a pie crust.

So, I decided to create a new comfort dish by combing the two, and I simply drop my dumplings…no need to break out the rolling pin or dirty the counter with flour. This is an easy and excellent dish to serve on cold winter days, and it’s comforting and filling…just like mamma’s!

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{Meal Planning} Monday 2/10/14

Blank Weekly Menu

Find a printer-friendly PDF version of this weekly plan here

Now that I have my menu plan up on my board, I feel better about my week. School nights can be stressful with activities, homework and errand-running, so weekly meal planning keeps me from going crazy-mommy at 5pm. My husband picked up some ground bison at Costco, so we’ll be having bison burgers on Monday. Bison meat is new for us, so I’m excited to see how they turn out. I plan to bake them on a broiler pan the same way that we bake our burgers during the winter time.

Oh, and veggies. We’ve slacked a bit on our veggie intake, so I need to spend some time at the beginning of the week cutting up some cucumbers, carrots, etc. and making some dips to go along with them. We have a couple of soups lined up this week, so I’ll also be sure to add lots of color to those!

This is what I am planning this week:

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